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Cherry eLiquid

If you like sweet-tasting cherries, you will love the flavor of Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid. Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is made in the USA.

Gravatational Cherry™ eLiquid

Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid works in all models of electronic cigarettes. As with all VapeSafe® eLiquids, Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is made in the USA using organic, hypoallergenic, USP and food grade vegetable glycerin.

E-Liquid Legal Disclaimers:

Always keep VapeSafe® eLiquids away from children!

VapeSafe Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is for Adults Only! You must be of legal age in your state to use our products! Absolutely no sales to minors!

Always be sure to allow the Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid time to fully soak into the cartridge or cartomizer (cartridge with built in atomizer) before use. To stretch your dollar further, please note that these flavors are more concentrated than normal and can be diluted with small amounts of distilled water without compromising the flavor.

Fine Cherry Recipes:

Superb Cherry Frostings, Pralines, and more:

The simplest icing is a glacé icing, containing icing sugar and water. This can be flavored and colored as desired, for example by using lemon juice in place of the water. More complicated icings can be made by beating fat into icing sugar (as in butter cream), by melting fat and sugar together, by using egg whites (as in royal icing), and by adding other ingredients such as glycerin (as in fondant). Some icings can be made from combinations of sugar and cream cheeses, or by using ground almonds (as in marzipan).

Cherry Brandy

To one gallon of brandy allow two quarts of cherries. Mash and pound them until all the stones are broken, put in the brandy and add a pound of cut loaf sugar. Set in the sun for two or three weeks, shake daily, strain and bottle.

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