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Cherry E-Liquid

If you like sweet-tasting cherries, you will love the flavor of Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid. Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid is made in the USA.

Gravatational Cherry™ E-Liquid

Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid works in all models of electronic cigarettes. As with all VapeSafe® E-Liquids, Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid is made in the USA using organic, hypoallergenic, USP and food grade vegetable glycerin.

E-Liquid Legal Disclaimers:

Always keep VapeSafe® E-Liquids away from children!

VapeSafe Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid is for Adults Only! You must be of legal age in your state to use our products! Absolutely no sales to minors!

Always be sure to allow the Gravitational Cherry™ E-Liquid time to fully soak into the cartridge or cartomizer (cartridge with built in atomizer) before use. To stretch your dollar further, please note that these flavors are more concentrated than normal and can be diluted with small amounts of distilled water without compromising the flavor.

Tasty Cherry Recipes:

Excellent Cherry Candies, Caramels, and more:

Icing, also called frosting, is a sweet often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients such as butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or vanilla and is used to decorate, cover or add flavor to cakes, cookies or other baked goods.

Queen of Trifles

Make a rich custard of four eggs, one cup of granulated sugar and one quart of milk to which has been added one teaspoon of cornstarch. Let this cook in double boiler, stirring constantly, until the custard is very thick. Cool.

Soak one-half pound of macaroons in sherry wine, blanch and chop one-quarter pound of almonds, cut fine one-quarter pound of dried figs; one-quarter pound of crystallized cherries and one-half pound of lady fingers are required as well.

Line a deep glass bowl with the lady fingers cut in half, add macaroons, fruit and almonds in layers until all are used. Then pour the boiled custard over all. Set on ice and when cold, fill the bowl with whipped cream that has been sweetened and flavored with vanilla. Decorate with a few cherries.

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